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Reds illegally potted are not spotted; they remain off the table. Colors illegally potted are spotted. Object Balls Jumped off the Table: Reds jumped off the table are not spotted and the striker has committed a foul. Colors jumped off the table are spotted and the striker has committed a foul. See Penalties For Fouls. Reds are never spotted.

Colors to be spotted are placed as at the start of the game. If a color's spot is occupied to mean that to spot it would make it touch a ball , it is placed on the spot of the highest value color that is unoccupied. If all spots are occupied, the color is spotted as close as possible to its original spot on a straight line between its spot and the nearest point on the top foot cushion. Cue Ball after Jumping off the Table: Incoming player has cue ball in hand within the Half Circle.

When cue ball is in hand within the Half Circle except the opening break , there is no restriction based on position of reds or colors as to what balls may be played; striker may play at any ball on regardless of where it is on the table. While balls are in play it is a foul if the striker touches any object ball or if the striker touches the cue ball with anything other than the tip during a legal stroke.

The cue ball is snookered when a direct stroke in a straight line to any part of every ball on is obstructed by a ball or balls not on. If there is any one ball that is not so obstructed, the cue ball is not snookered. If in-hand within the Half Circle, the cue ball is snookered only if obstructed from all positions on or within the Half Circle. If the cue ball is obstructed by more than one ball, the one nearest to the cue ball is the effective snookering ball.

The cue ball is angled when a direct stroke in a straight line to any part of every ball on is obstructed by a corner of the cushion. If there is any one ball on that is not so obstructed, the cue ball is not angled. If angled after a foul the referee or player will state "Angled Ball", and the striker has the choice to either 1 play from that position or 2 play from in hand within the Half Circle. A spot is said to be occupied if a ball cannot be placed on it without its touching another ball.

If the cue ball is touching another ball which is, or can be, on, the referee or player shall state "Touching Ball. No penalty is incurred for thus playing away if 1 the ball is not on; the ball is on and the striker nominates such ball; or 3 the ball is on and the striker nominates, and first hits, another ball. A push stroke is a foul and is made when the tip of the cue remains in contact with the cue ball 1 when the cue ball makes contact with the object ball, or 2 after the cue ball has commenced its forward motion.

Provided that where the cue ball and an object ball are almost touching, it shall be deemed a legal stroke if the cue ball hits the finest possible edge of the object ball. The striker shall to the best of his ability endeavor to hit the ball on.

If the referee considers the rule infringed he shall call foul and a "miss. After a foul, if the cue ball is snookered, the referee or player shall state "Free Ball. For this stroke, such ball shall be regarded as, and acquire the value of, the ball on.