How to Organize a Small Closet


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Growing wings and being able to go wherever we would like would be great! March 19, By justagirlabby 68 Comments Learn how to organize a small closet with some simple tools to maximize space and store all of your clothes neatly! I try to think of this as a positive thing because it pretty much forces us to reduce clutter and be choosy about what we let into our home.


The museum is not setup in the most entertaining way, but if you are willing to read, you’ll learn quite a bit. One of my favorite exhibits at the National Museum of Dar Es Salaam was a functional bicycles made entirely out of wood – everything from the frame to the wheels was all wooden – amazing.

You did a great job! Thank you for the wonderful post! I like the scarf hanger idea that you posted as well, I had never thought to use a pant hanger. Hope you have a great weekend! This is amazing Abby! I am currently in the process of moving and spring cleaning my closet. I want the closets in the new place to be really organized like yours! I definitely need to do some more serious closet purging.

We also live in a 3 bedroom townhouse and I feel ya on storage! I am constantly purging and recently read a book about excess and it made me want to get rid of even more! We recently redid our closet too! BUT we saved a lot too and added value to our home. You can read about it here: I love how all your shoes have a place. I like it so much! You said you might put your sweaters into baskets later but I like the look of them just on the shelf. It looks real, not staged that way.

Plus you get to see that plush fabric which warms a space made of cold metal shelves. I love this organization system! I have a very similar sized closet and think all these elements would work great. Do you happen to know the name of the line? Haha, good luck with that, right? We just had to measure our closet and figure out which pieces would fit and what we would need.

It will be different for every closet. It took some trial and error and we ended up taking a few pieces back, but it all worked out in the end! Are those really all your shoes? I am the opposite of a clotheshorse— I am constantly getting rid of clothes, and Donnie has even less than me! Just curious if you put on a new door system after.

Beautiful job tho, this will be my next DIY. We did replace the old metal doors with new wooden doors. The old doors would still have worked, they were just ugly. Thanks for posting this! We are planning to use this option from Ikea.

Would you mind sharing a rough idea of what your total cost was? We love both of them! Good luck with yours! I found this post through Pinterst and I just wanted to say how much I appreciate you sharing it! I found you through Pinterest! We are expecting our first child due to arrive in the Spring. I currently use the closet in our bedroom and our guest closet is used by my husband. We need to combine closets once the nursery is complete and your closet is almost identical to ours down to the space behind the wall and the narrow corridor.

Looks like we need to make a trip to IKEA soon! It looks so organized and will seriously declutter our bedroom. Hi Abby, My husband and I just organized our closet using your ideas. I am so happy with the completed project.

We drew a picture before we started and bought the pieces next. The hardest part was putting up the rails. We had to use the anchors from Ikea and could not get all of the rails into studs. Measuring was very important during this step. The pants hangers and bins are my favorite part of the whole system. The closet looks beautiful and we have more room, something my husband was doubtful about at the onset. Thanks for you vision! Thanks so much for your sweet comments Mary!

Great idea but I am just curious as to if you could do this to a rented apartment closet. Do those shelf strips just screw into the wall? Could they be taken down and refilled in, if we ever moved?

But yes, they are screwed into the wall with drywall anchors , so presumably you could remove them and fill in the holes. Hope you have a wonderful week!

I love this and your craft closet transformations and am inspired to try my hand at our small guest bedroom and office closets with the same Ikea organization system! As far as I know, they only have a planner for kitchens. I just did a rough sketch of my space and included measurements. Then I looked at the pieces they offered and tried adding different lengths together until I came up with the arrangement that was closest to the length of my closet without going over.

Have a great day! Abby — purging my closet is hands down one of the best things I can do for myself to make myself feel better, and this post is a great example of why! Just look at your before and after pics. Thanks for another awesome post girl, I have such a crush on your blog!

We love your closet so much! Thank you so much, Lauren! So online they show the ALGOT in groupings, but when you actually go to the store, each piece is sold individually. We measured our closet and then did the math to figure out how many uprights we would need, how many shelves, etc. I hope this helps! Thanks so much Abby! We went to Ikea after looking at your blog and realized that they were sold as individual pieces, and instantly felt silly for asking you my question above.

We are going to get started on the closet project this summer! I love your post and I think this will work perfectly for our closet! Do you mind sharing the size shelves you chose from Ikea? We just measured our closet and chose the shelves that would cover most of the length of the closet without being too long. Have a great week! What was the width of your closet? Did you end up using the 15 inch or the Your advice helped us a TON and we got our closet set up after about 5.

Apparently our closet was pretty deep, because we were able to use the What do you put on those shelves way on the side of the closet? That is a tough space to reach. Clearly designed by a man, right?! I looked on the website and there are so many options! There are a lot of choices! I explain exactly how to measure and choose the pieces for your closet in this post: After having it for some time, what do you think about it? Is it sturdy enough?

How happy are you with it? Or should I go with something from Rubbermaid or Elfa instead? We have actually moved from the house shown in this post, but the ALGOT system held up perfectly the whole time we were there. How did you remove the old rod and shelf fixture? I have the same thing in our closet right now and am in the middle of gutting the whole closet and getting a system.

My hubby just ripped it out! Hello Mark my name is Rachel A. Temu, I am a Tanzania native. Also I worked at the USA as the legal affair officer.

Hospitality has been my passion since then. I left Arizona and come home after I lost my farther with chronic bronchitis then I resume back in the the USA When I returned back to the states I decided to return home and take care of my mother who was left alone. In I joined the the Kilimanjaro Kempinski hotel as the VIP and lodge manager, only worked for 3 months and I later joined the agriculture company in Israel Kibutz and never liked it I came home and joined the New africa hotel as the assistant sales manager for about 8 months then I landed a new job at the Singita Grumeti reserve at Serengeti national park which is the number one hotel in the world owned by an American Billionaire Paul Tudor Jones working as the Guest relations manager and assistant lodge manager to Sasakwa lodge.

Later I moved back to Dar and joined the Motisun group of companies and worked for the Whites sands hotel as the PR and the communication manager. For about two years and ahalf. Now I am currently joined the Ramada Encore the new hotel in downtown soon to be opened as the reservation and revenue manager. One thing I will like to tell you I have been thrilled with your blog and you have been inspiring me immensely.

I love food and I am thinking to take culinary classes to practice a professional executive chef Both in the kitchen and bakery. Hey Rachel, great to hear from you, thank you so much for sharing.

I am Tanzanian and I just came across your website whilst looking for a restaurant concert and I was I impressed, especially after I read the comments yes I am that particular not counting the other words my friends use! As they should in any busy city. Great article, Dar has changed a lot since , but still all these places mentioned are great to visit, you can also get new information on what to do in Dar by asking on team tanzania on facebook, highly recommended.

I will add also bicycle tour by afriroots. There have been quite a few incidents where motorbikers have whizzed passed and grabbed bags, with the person still attached. Hi Mark, you make the place come alive, thanks! Have a good one, Henri. Hey Henri, thanks for reading! So, I know its a bit late to comment on here, but hey, better late than never. Hi Batul, thank you so much for all that suggestions, I appreciate it. Will check them out on my next visit!

Also, be sure to check out these places: Tingatinga — what a cute name! LOL I would love to visit the museum, go to the beach and shop for Kanga. Is Kanga like Balinese sarongs?

The view was so beautiful and some places have striking resemblenece to the Virgin Islands. Cocos beach — why would you not go into the water? Are you concerned about the safety? Speaking of safety, it would be nice if you make a posting about safety caution in Africa, i. Also you need to be careful of Dengue fever. I try not to be so uppity here, but how are the bathrooms when you go around the town? In Thailand you just need to go to the closest mall.

Spot on mark, missed home badly just feel trapped in the western, feels gotta something to give before sijarudi for good, what can I do to my people in tz? But I have to narrow who need most, thanks mark nimekumbuka bongo home sweet home.

Really looking forward to the mishkaki, nyama choma. After that i wanted to stay in Dar for a few days and tour the city. My exwife is afraid it might not be safe. Is it a safe city and will it be easy to navigate around only speaking english?

As for language, some people can speak a little English, but not too many. That being said, people are friendly and willing to help and point you in the right direction. Hope you have a great visit! I have tried all the 23 Fun things u mentioned while i visited Dar Salaam!!!!!

It is such a great article!!!! I was born and raised in Dar, before I migrate to Texas 10 years ago. Thanks for sharing, I am determine to return home for good. Dar is one of the best place on this earth. I love the place and I love the people. You nail every area from Bagamoyo to Kigamboni KG. I agree, I love Dar, such a great mixture! Hi Abby, thanks for the comment. I hope the government will be able to increase security and crack down on the recent theft and muggings.

Right up until about 20 years ago, thieves were dealt with, very severely, by the people of Dar themselves and they learned their lesson by getting a good thrashing! Not like now, where they steal even your car mirror with a smirk on their faces as you watch them do it and even the police do nothing about it!

I hope it improves too, possibly with a new govt. Haha, thanks so much for the comment Aysha. Growing wings and being able to go wherever we would like would be great! Even at the seemingly bustling city, like Dar, there will always be interesting things only to be discovered by those who explore deep into the heart of it. Thanks for this list, Mark! Btw that bowl of Zanzibari Mix just looks so delicious!

Left Tanzania 32 years ago. Visit family on regular basis. Also there is a restaurant called Khana Khazana who present variuos dishes and excellent atmosphere. Also when visiting Bagamoyo must visit Crocodile farm where you are able to hold a small one in your hands and experience the strength of this reptile. Do not miss Naima for the exotic fresh fruit drink of Mabungo, Khungu etc and nearby there is a resturant Retreat for typical Indian vegiterial food it is amazing ummh masala dhosa and idli sambhar etc.

While in Bagamoyo the museum is brilliant and the green turtle park amazing we saw a tutle which swam from Bagamoyo to Australia and back came to lay its eggs it is characteristic for a green turtle to come back to its orginal birthplace to lay its eggs.

I left Dar es Salaam over 32 yrs ago and your delightful pictures etc brought the memories flooding back, tempting me to return for a visit. Thank you soooooooooo much! Hope you can make a trip back to Dar soon!

How does the author know all these Asians are not Tanzanians? Fully agree with you. Heading back in June for months. Thanks for stopping by F. K and for the added input. Cool to hear that you grew up in Tanzania and still make frequent visits. As i say home sweet home.

Dar really is a great city. The food in Dar looks delicious. WOW, this is a great list! I would have settled for 10 but Im using this post once I find my way to Tanzania;. I love the list, but I like the fact that you talked about these places. I live here in the states, from Tanzania, and no one arround me can ever hear me when I talk the elements you mentioned here! Good job, and more pics will be great. My fellow Americans, visit Tanzania for good music,food, lodging, fun and mind blowing activities,including trekking Kilimanjaro, Ruwenzori, the Ngorongoro crater and sleeping in warm, cozy cottages up the mountains!

Hey Mark, Thanks so much for such great insights. Please visit our website http: Hi Ramadhan, great to hear from you, thank you for reading this. Nice to see your website as well, fantastic! What are you looking for? These meals will make you want to travel, just to eat!

You must love food as much as I do! Just enter your name and email below and I promise to only send you delicious emails: I'd love to hear from you! Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Alfaj Ahmed 4 weeks ago I m coming Tanzania on 28the December..

Adeola 1 month ago Really wish i come all this places Reply. So mimina kumbhuka sana sana sana bongo nakupenda sana bongo…… Reply. Muly 3 months ago Chips Ltd Resto is must a visit.! Isaya 8 months ago Umesahau kuweka zege au chipsi mayai Reply. Ussein mweze 10 months ago I love Tanzania Reply. Daniel 1 year ago I recently visited Dar in December Radavin 3 months ago Will like to visit it Reply. Muhidin Shifa 2 years ago what a beautiful city. Mpumi 2 years ago This list is fantastic!!!!

Thank you so much Reply. Gilly 11 months ago Welcome Reply. Kitwala Nginilla 2 years ago I was born and live in Dar es Salaam. You do me proud.

Pierre Bernard 2 years ago Very very interesting. Terbeck 2 years ago Nice surprise to see the development of Dar. Ajmalraza 2 years ago Nice country Tanzania n Tanzanian people dar id heart of Tanzania i like so much Beach n N many mor funn available here so. I love This country Reply. Sady 2 years ago Great work! Mustafa Vejlani 2 years ago I got much benefit from this site.

Beautiful city to visit with hospitable people Reply. Kakopa 3 years ago You realy did good job. For sure receive my appreciation Reply. Zita 3 years ago Hahaha. Rita 3 years ago I would love to visit village museum, national museum, go on a ferry to zanzibar, coco beach, bongogo island and kanga shopping.

Reddy 3 years ago I like dar ad salam vry much Reply. Kamal 3 years ago Great list! Raymond Majengo 3 years ago Hi Mark!

Come again and am sure you will have a lot to cover Reply. Mark Wiens 3 years ago Hey Raymond, great to hear from you, thank you for reading. Raymond Majengo 2 years ago Yes i do. Thank you so much! I will definitely use it to visit Dar Es Salaam! Mark Wiens 4 years ago Hey Rachel, great to hear from you, thank you so much for sharing.

Waheeda 4 years ago I am Tanzanian and I just came across your website whilst looking for a restaurant concert and I was I impressed, especially after I read the comments yes I am that particular not counting the other words my friends use! Btw, this is just to you,no need to post online, just wanted to give kudos.