DAX Trading System


These balance sheet projections are derived using a common framework for determining the impact of the scenarios on balance sheet growth, and incorporate assumptions about credit supply that limit aggregate credit contraction see box 2. In addition, Federal Reserve analysts developed industrywide loss and PPNR projections--capturing the potential revenue and losses of the banking industry as a whole in a stressed macroeconomic environment--for use as reference points in assessing model outputs across the 30 BHCs. Projected net income for the 30 BHCs is generated from individual projections of revenue, expenses, and various types of losses and provisions that flow into pre-tax net income, including:. For six BHCs with large trading and private equity exposures, losses from the large counterparty default component replace losses in DFAST and CCAR associated with the incremental default risk of their counterparties. On 23 May she left Coppet almost secretly, and journeyed through Bern, Innsbruck and Salzburg on her way to Vienna, where she met with Metternich.

Historical signals overview

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