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Basics in cost accounting functions und structure , theory of costs and structures of costs classification by attribution to units of output, classification of costs by capacity volume variance, classification und valuation of activities , systems of cost accounting, full cost accounting, cost type accounting functions and structure, schema for transition from expenses to costs , cost centre accounting functions and determination of cost centres, expense distribution sheet clearing of primary or secondary costs centres, determination of overhead rates , product cost accounting cost unit accounting as job costing, as process costing or as joint costing, cost unit period accounting , direct costing high-low points method, cost splitting , cost accounting schema, direct costing as unit costing versus as period costing , level-by-level covering of fixed costs, budgeted costs und activity costing, decision making, accounting ratios, transition to controlling. A description of apparent and mean time was given by Nevil Maskelyne in the Nautical Almanac for As a result, the number of calculations required for any of the higher-order approximations of the equation of time requires a computer to complete them, if one wants to achieve their inherent accuracy over a wide range of time.

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