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Art and the people must form an entity. Art shall no longer be a luxury of the few but should be enjoyed and experienced by the broad masses. The aim is an alliance of the arts under the wing of great architecture. Flyer dated March 1st [1].

The Arbeitsrat reacted to the unpalatable situation concerning orders for young architects, who were lost in the First world war. Over artists and architects from Germany and abroad, supported the group and were participants in its exhibitions.

Some of these were:. The Arbeitsrat recruited the public to participate in its art and architectural exhibitions and publications. Its exhibitions were open for non-architects and also for non-members of the group to take part, with designs, models, sketches and sculptures. Ergebnis einer Verschlimmbesserung 1 Other than my impression that these explanations are a "Verschlimmbesserung" by themselves I do not learn anything about usage or meaning e.

I strongly object to your first example! In general, Duden is not a good source for definitions I love this word, but Verschlimmbessertwerden is a linguistical disaster. Best synonym to take, just simple: Verschlechterung Reserve Verschlimmbesserung for your colloquial use, especially in a humor sense.

Google Ngram Viewer does not find the word ;p Not being asked, but interesting: Verschlimmbesserung is a totally aceptable word in any context. The emphasis is on the not fullfilled promise to improve something and even worsening it. Verschlechterung is more neutral and may refer to exogenous factors leading to the degradation. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google.

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