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Jason Achmoody Vice President & Commercial Relationship Manager, CCLO. Jason Achmoody is a Relationship Manager at Ledyard National Bank and a lifelong learner with extensive experience in business analysis, creative problem solving, relationship dynamics, and proactive leadership.

I will follow up with what happens…. Hello, I was wondering if someone could help me with this??

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Home» TD Bank» Routing Number: TD Bank Routing Number: TD Bank is currently operating in 13 states of USA namely New Jersey NJ, Pennsylvania PA, New York NY, Massachusetts MA, Connecticut CT, Maine Me, Delaware DE, Vermont VT, Virginia VA, New Hampshire NH, Maryland MD, Florida FL and Washington DC.

Jason Achmoody is a Relationship Manager at Ledyard National Bank and a lifelong learner with extensive experience in business analysis, creative problem solving, relationship dynamics, and proactive leadership. Jason enjoys managing a diverse commercial loan portfolio with numerous long term relationships. He works closely with businesses in manufacturing, health care, fitness, building trades, and hospitality to name a few. In addition to helping operating businesses, Jason has experience in investment commercial real estate lending and construction lending.

Jason has broad banking experience including retail banking positions as a Teller, Assistant Manager, and Manager. Jason's passion for helping business owners began when he accepted the position of Credit Analyst at a larger regional bank. Flagstar Bank offers both personal and business banking services, including checking accounts, savings accounts, loans and a variety of other options. Their home equity lines and mortgage loans offer competitive interest rates.

Huntington Bank was founded in in Columbus, Ohio. Today, it has over branches and twice as many ATMs.

Key Bank is one of America's larges banks, and it is the only bank still headquartered in Cleveland. Nearly years old, they provide personal banking, investment management, retail banking, commercial banking services and more.

Regions Bank offers traditional banking, and its Smart Option Student Loan program features repayment options such as deferred and fixed.

Presidents Choice Financial, headquartered in Scarborough, Canada, features mobile check deposit, telephone banking and online banking. Its bank machines facilitate bill payments, account transfers and MasterCard cash advances. HSBC services include checking and savings accounts, loans and mortgages, investment and retirement accounts and insurance options for individuals and families.

They also offer business services to small and large companies. The company offers online and mobile banking services, as well as savings accounts and CDs. These services include options for checking and savings accounts, personal and mortgage loans, credit cards, investing and more. Royal Bank of Canada is one of the most popular banks chosen by Canadian customers. Headquartered in Toronto and Montreal, the company offers banking services such as checking, credit cards, mortgages, investments and advice.

First National Bank of Omaha is the largest privately held bank in the U. The company offers a range of financial services, such as checking and mobile banking.

In addition, they have lending services and wealth management. Bank of the West, headquartered in San Francisco, has a scan-to-pay feature; customers pay bills with the click of a camera button. The bank serves customers in all states and has more than locations in the West and Midwest. Founded in as a subsidiary of ING and established as a standalone company in , Voya Financial is a New York-based financial, investment and retirement company.

Bank of America online banking offers its customers secure access to their checking and savings accounts. Other Bank of America services includes bill pay, customized alerts and the ability to transfer money between accounts. TCF Bank, headquartered in Wayzata, Minnesota, allows customers to start banking online as soon as their enrollment is complete.

It has locations in the Midwest and various personal banking and loan products. Union Bank of California is a nationwide bank that allows customers to manage their accounts with text commands. Its youth banking program features options for various age groups with low minimum deposits and no monthly charges.

Pentagon Federal Credit Union offers membership to military personnel, members of certain organizations, government employees and more. They offer numerous benefits to members, including insurance policies and real estate rewards.

State Farm Bank is a financial and insurance services company founded in , and the company does not have its own branch locations. Customers can only bank with State Farm over the Internet or through the telephone. First Citizens Bank has been in business for over years, offering customers a range of options from checking accounts, savings accounts, loans and more. Their services cover everything from everyday to long-term needs.

Chase online banking enables customers to deposit checks, check their balances and more, during any time of the day, on multiple devices. Customers can manage their accounts from their computers, smartphones or tablets. Headquartered in Dallas, the bank is the biggest bank in Texas, and it specializes retail and commercial banking, as well as wealth management. Arvest offers a variety of financial services to individuals, businesses and investors.

Arvest has locations in Arkansas, Missouri, Oklahoma and Kansas. Associated Bank, founded in , is headquartered in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

The company is focused on banking for mid-size companies in the bank's regions. These includes Wisconsin, Illinois, Minnesota and the surrounding Midwest. The bank operates nationwide, but with a focus on Louisiana. Armed Forces bank has been serving active and retired military members and families since The bank provides a range of services for military customers, including checking and savings accounts, loans, and financial education.

They are focused on becoming a global bank, and they offer customers in the U. Public Service Credit Union offers financial services for personal customers and small businesses. They have options for businesses and individuals. Guaranty Bank offers credit-building loans, in which the bank lends customers money for a CD and meets with them regularly. The bank is the biggest savings and loans association in New York, and it holds deposits of more than Banco Popular specializes in offering banking services in Puerto Rico, as well as in the U.

Customers of Banco Popular can take advantage of online and mobile banking services, including deposit, checking and savings accounts. Members enjoy discounts at national retailers, personalized service and the convenience of mobile apps and online banking. Wescom Credit Union is a credit union in Southern California.

The company offers checking, savings, money market accounts and IRAs to credit union customers. They also offer auto loans and insurance, as well as home mortgages.

Bank of America gift cards come in the form of prepaid Visa cards that customers can register online or by calling a toll-free number.

Customers can use the cards at gas stations, restaurants and at other merchants. Ledyard National Bank is a full-service financial institution for personal and business banking. They also offer investment and wealth management services.

Ledyard has locations in New Hampshire and Vermont. Founded in , Santander Bank offers customers options for their financial needs, including personal, business and corporate accounts. Information in this guide is general in nature and is intended for informational purposes only; it is not legal, health, investment or tax advice. Join our community to stay up-to-date with the latest reviews, recall notices, and brand recommendations.

Yes, Using the RBC US routing of and then using the combined transit and account numbers together in the next field worked beautifully for me. No conversion fees of any kind. Thanks for letting me know!?

Enter the 9-digit routing number exactly as suggested by the graphic. Since the trick is to get the account number correct, ignore the example suggested by the graphic. Instead, enter the five-digit transit number of your account followed by your actual account number. You can also get the exact sequence of numbers transit number followed by account number from your monthly statement or online.

Re-enter the account number and click Continue. Wait for PayPal to make two small deposits into your bank account and then confirm that you have added the bank account successfully in PayPal by entering how much was deposited. This article has comments telly August 23, at 9: Sorry for the double post.

August 23, at 5: Canadian Capitalist August 23, at Average Joe August 23, at Jon, Can you point me towards some of these forums? Or are they one in the same? Brew99 August 24, at 6: I hope that helped.

I use both of these! Jerry Hung August 25, at 7: Andy Paulson August 26, at 1: Philip S September 10, at Keep up the great work CC. Charles September 14, at 8: Canadian Capitalist September 16, at 1: Sharjeel November 29, at Bryce November 29, at 1: So Sharjeel did you win an internet lottery or are you helping out some deposed royalty? Arthur December 12, at 5: Vince January 11, at 1: Golem March 10, at Canadian Capitalist March 11, at 7: The routing of RBC is as noted in the post.

Not sure where you are getting stuck. Can you post more information? Jeremy April 8, at 5: Gesha April 15, at 4: Chris Perabo May 8, at 6: Hi Canadian Capitalist, Great blog site. Canadian Capitalist May 8, at 7: Chris Perabo May 11, at 4: Chris L May 16, at 3: So, in a nutshell, it works just fine.

Just follow the original blog post. Boris May 21, at Original blog post worked great. I transferred from a Paypal business to RBC personal account.

Thank you x 10! Chris Perabo May 23, at 4: Thanks again for the tip! Canadian Capitalist June 4, at 9: Andy Paulson June 18, at 8: Frogblender August 6, at Frogblender August 14, at 7: Here are the forms: Chris Perabo August 14, at 5: I received the two payments from Paypal, but now I tried to do a bank transfer and got the following message: I did this and am now waiting for the results. Canadian Capitalist August 14, at 9: Gerald August 16, at 8: Here is my scenario..

Frogblender August 26, at Here are the options, and the currency conversion premiums charged by each: Canadian Capitalist August 26, at Chris Perabo August 27, at Frogblender August 27, at 1: Chris Perabo August 27, at 2: Frogblender August 27, at 2: Gruffer September 16, at 2: Hey FrogBlender… I tried to get things setup, but when PP when to make their two transfers, it kept coming back as an incorrect account setup… I used the routing code, and even though the setup worked fine, the transfer failed and subsequently the account is now frozen by PP for entering it again…??

Frogblender September 16, at 2: JBS November 27, at 6: Eric December 30, at 7: Chris Perabo I had the exact same thing happen to me. Suzanne January 12, at I would not want to be in trouble with RBC. Taska January 25, at 7: Frogblender January 26, at GlennC January 26, at 4: Taska January 29, at 5: Frogblender January 30, at 3: Apomixis February 19, at 8: Thanks very much for this whole thread. Rad February 28, at 1: Frogblender February 28, at 2: Rad February 28, at 2: I also read a posting: Is the advantage that you can keep your funds in U.

Frogblender March 2, at Canadian Capitalist March 2, at Chris Perabo March 3, at 7: Jennie March 19, at 9: Hi there, Thank you for the money-saving information!!

Jennie March 19, at Thank you very much. Jennie March 23, at 4: Chris Perabo March 24, at 4: Frogblender March 26, at 9: Chris Perabo April 1, at 1: Wendy May 11, at 5: Does anyone know if you can Send Money from an account set up this way, without getting blocked? RickParis June 3, at Hi all, Thanks for the useful comments!

Kumar June 13, at 5: HI, First ,i would like to thank you for creating such a helpfull post. Chris Perabo July 13, at 6: I gave them all the same info as listed above specifically the routing number Now it works again yay! Annabella July 14, at 8: Perry August 21, at 3: Ian August 27, at Ian August 27, at 1: Chris Perabo August 27, at 3: Scienide October 30, at Red October 30, at Jesse November 4, at 1: Canadian Capitalist November 4, at Scienide November 14, at Gallant November 18, at 2: Scienide November 18, at 2: Scienide November 18, at 6: Just brainstorming here, but I believe this is how you would fill out the form for a Scotiabank USD account: Ed November 20, at 3: John November 20, at 7: Fender November 22, at 9: Does anyone know if this works for BMO accounts?

Squawkfox December 11, at 6: Scienide December 30, at 9: Scienide January 2, at Scienide January 7, at 1: Scienide January 11, at 1: Matthias January 20, at 9: Scienide January 20, at Squawkfox January 20, at Scienide January 26, at 1: Andrei January 26, at 1: I hope this information is useful to you. Scienide February 5, at 1: Scienide February 6, at 4: Scienide February 8, at 6: Scienide February 19, at Squawkfox February 19, at Squawkfox February 19, at 1: Paula Sue March 12, at 9: Matthias March 12, at 9: Danny March 15, at 4: Xe March 17, at 7: Hello again guys, I recently have to pay an eBay item, but my PP funds is short by around 20 bucks.

How do I know if PP blocked it? RonnyR April 18, at 1: Hello, I was wondering if someone could help me with this?? Logan May 4, at 1: Logan May 7, at 6: I am Canada and need to open a Paypal Websites Pro account.

Thank you in advance. David May 10, at 1: Alex May 17, at 7: Chad May 22, at Alex May 22, at 4: David May 27, at 4: My account is scheduled to be closed in less than one month. What a bunch of assholes! Mark May 27, at After following the instructions that you mentioned, Canadian Capitalist, the PayPal confirmation page told me I successfully added the US account but that: Logan May 27, at Mark May 28, at 2: Thanks Logan for the clarification.

Scienide May 28, at 3: Eric July 15, at I want to give everyone a summary and confirmation, as a thank-you to this great post. John July 30, at 2: Logan July 30, at 6: Eric August 12, at 7: Mary January 8, at 6: Matthias January 8, at 7: KookietheCanadian January 8, at Rebet March 8, at 2: Jenn March 16, at 9: Scienide March 20, at 6: Sharp Shooter March 24, at 1: Any help would be much appreciated.

Scienide March 24, at 3: Logan March 24, at 3: Sharp Shooter March 24, at 3: Logan Thank you so much for replying. Scienide March 24, at 4: Sharp Shooter March 25, at 3: Logan March 25, at 3: Sharp Shooter To be honest I think I only actually used it once. Logan Thank you for your input. David Do you think you could share some info pls. Sharp Shooter March 29, at Thank you for all the contributors and the original post.

Fazzi April 5, at 6: Scienide April 5, at 6: That link outlines the exact same process, Fazzi, does it not? Phil April 12, at 4: Slobo April 12, at 8: Fazzi April 13, at Slobo — What cinstitutes a higher amount? Slobo April 13, at 1: Sharp Shooter April 14, at Nick July 22, at 3: Nick July 27, at Erick July 28, at Nick July 29, at MrX July 29, at David August 19, at Mike August 20, at 3: Slobo August 24, at 3: Jim August 25, at Venture77 September 5, at Russ October 11, at David October 13, at 9: Cloud October 25, at Hi guys, I want to share my experience with everyone using the above instructions.

Cloud October 25, at 8: Just following on my previous post. Atom November 17, at 8: Atom November 17, at 9: Should have reminded newbies that you can transfer funds free between your accounts. Atom November 17, at Atom November 30, at 4: Atom December 9, at 2: Nerd December 11, at Atom December 11, at Yannick January 12, at Paul February 15, at 3: I got an email from paypal saying this: If you feel this rejection is in error, you may also email PayPal Customer Service to confirm this bank account by going to: Pete February 17, at 8: I got the exactly same email as Paul.

Do you think so? Is there anyone can help me out? Paul February 18, at 3: Bidder February 18, at Sadly, this has all changed as of Feb. Bidder February 20, at MA February 20, at 3: RJ, The paypal cs reps are giving me conflicting answers. Barry February 20, at 4: MA February 20, at RJ, Paypal did automatically update my account numbers.

Thanks a lot for the info. Kino March 10, at 5: