Barack Obama Shares His Lessons Learned on Leadership and Power


 · Ölgemälde und handgemeißelte Skulpturen waren einmal - heute verewigt der US-Präsident sich mit Hilfe von High Tech und 3D-Druck.

Some red lines cannot be crossed, and gassing Syrian children is one of them.

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Putin kicked more sand in his face. Obama on diplomacy and peace. This from the guy who has been arming Bashar al-Assad to the teeth and blocking the United Nations from doing anything about it. I guess it's always possible that the Syrian dictator memorably likened to a "human toothbrush" by Christopher Hitchens will immediately surrender his stockpiles of chemical weapons which he has claimed he doesn't have , welcome UN weapons inspectors with open arms and give armed protection to the squads of experts who will be necessary to decommission and destroy his various caches of nerve gas, who will somehow do their jobs in the midst of a the bloody civil war that has already destroyed half the country.

Or maybe the UN can send in peacekeepers to put it under international control. Or maybe the Easter Bunny will intervene. More likely is that Mr. Like most everybody else, I'm confused as hell over Syria.

The trouble is, Mr. Obama is confused, too. This is not reassuring. He appears to be making it up as he goes along. The only thing that's clear is that he hates — really hates — being commander-in-chief.

He was the guy who was going to get the United States out of all of George W. Bush's problem was that once he made decisions, he never second-guessed himself. Obama's problem is that he overthinks. He changes his mind and paints himself into a corner.

At first, he said Mr. Then he said regime change wasn't in the cards. He said there was a red line Mr. He said Syria poses no threat to America, but also that attacking it would be in the national interest. On his own, he decided to seek Congressional approval — then trapped himself when it turned out Americans had no taste for another foreign mis adventure of the kind he had promised to extricate them from.

No wonder seasoned foreign-policy types are tearing their hair out in clumps. I've always been deeply skeptical of the case for intervening, for the simple reason that it might wind up doing more harm than good. The two strongest reasons, it seems to me, were to show that there are consequences for violating international norms, and to demonstrate that the United States means what it says.

Obama doesn't really mean what he says. So why should anybody take him seriously? In fact, there are no consequences, and everything he and his comically inept sidekick John Kerry have said about human rights and justice and the "moral obscenity" of chemical weapons is just a bunch of hot air. His message to rogue states like Iran is: You can get away with anything. His message to greater powers such as China is that he's incapable of strategic thinking. And his message to allies such as Israel is that they can't rely on him to have their back.

Obama's Middle East policy is in ruins. He looks like he's way over his head. Now he's let himself get rolled by the biggest bully on the block. In the immortal words of Mr. Kerry, he looks "unbelievably small. This is a space where subscribers can engage with each other and Globe staff. Non-subscribers can read and sort comments but will not be able to engage with them in any way. The Commander-in-Tweet has been on the attack against the usual suspects in an unusually heavy flurry of early posts.

His targets included some boilerplate complaints against the Democrats and the fake media. But surprisingly, he called out former President Barack Obama for past campaign violations, mounting a defense of his own alleged actions in….

Even though Democrats have taken back the House, and there's a chance the next US president won't be Trump, foreign policy likely won't change much. The world might exhale upon a new US president, as it did in when Obama took over from George W.

Bush, but the next president cannot simply wish away the damage Trump has done to institutions. The American public will also have to be convinced that rejoining the world that we are separating from is worth it — and this is an even harder challenge.

The next presiden may have to start from scratch explaining to the American people why the world matters, and why it offers opportunities as well as threats. Only two years to go before Inauguration. The Democratic House majority swept into power on Thursday with an infusion of. As celebrity endorsements go it doesn't come much better than Barack Obama. The former president of the United States has given two young British jazz musicians a huge career boost by naming their track as one of his songs of the year.

Tom Misch and Poppy Ajudha, both 23, had no idea that Mr Obama had even heard their music before he urged his 53 million Facebook fans and 20 million Instagram followers to listen to Disco Yes.

Their inclusion in his list of cultural highlights came as a shock to the friends, who are part of south London's burgeoning jazz scene. Misch, whose father is a psychiatrist and mother an artist, only recently moved out of the family home in East Dulwich.

The Democratic presidential nominating contest is attracting unprecedented interest, as it's the first in decades to be truly wide open. Although there are more than 40 politicians, businessmen and celebrities weighing a bid, former Vice President Joe Biden is the only one for whom virtually all other candidates would step aside.

And this far out, it's impossible to know whether there's another Barack Obama hiding in the mix, ready to catch fire and snatch the nomination from the heir apparent. We're ranking the top contenders for the Democratic presidential nomination, updating our list as hopefuls drop out and primary season lifts some and crushes others. Barack Hussein Obama II born August 4, is an American attorney and politician who served as the 44th president of the United States from to A member of the Democratic Party, he was the first African American to be elected to the presidency.

He previously served as a Senator from Illinois from to Obama was born in in Honolulu, Hawaii, two years after the territory was admitted to the Union as the 50th state. Latest news and discussion about former U. Discover more related topics John McCain.