Swarovski 65mm ATS (25-50x) vs ATX 25-60x


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One thing that has me really thinking about it is the fact that the new spotters are going to be Swarovision, and I absolutely love my 10x42 EL's with Swarovision. Yeah, I could if you're in the LML. Originally Posted by kabsetz. You usually do not pay much attention to the edges in a zoomed in spotter picture. You know how it goes when you buy something when you had the deemed better quality item in mind.

Swarovski atx 95mm objective and 1.7 extender

 · I currently have a Swarovski ATM 65mm HD spotting scope. I am considering selling it and upgrading to the new ATX with an 85mm objective. One thing that has me really thinking about it is the fact that the new spotters are going to be Swarovision, and .

Wednesday 12th February , I have tried both, not for very long but, I actually preferred the ATS, except modularity, are there any significant optical differences? Thursday 13th February , Originally Posted by Vespobuteo. Friday 14th February , Zoom was a bit stiff on atx, Not convinced yet, But i will give it another try Selling my nikon ediii Then well see,: I tried the same pair last month and found that the x zoom on the ATS was sharper at the edges than the ATX, but there was more chromatic aberration visible on the edges with the ATS.

Originally Posted by Tanager. The best scope with lack of edge CA that I've seen has been the Kowa Last edited by Tanager: Friday 14th February at Saturday 15th February , Vespo, Optical differences between the ATS 65 and ATX 65 are going to be so minimal that it will be down to sample differences which one is better on absolute terms.

The eyepieces are a bit different to the eye, though, and more people have found the ATX zoom to be comfortable to view with compared to the x wide of ATS. This is personal, however, so you need to make up your own mind on this.

The practical difference between 50x and 60x magnifications is real, but not as significant with a scope of 65 mm aperture as it is with bigger scopes. But, in any case, personally I would choose the ATX on this ground. The real reason why I recommend the ATX is of course that once you begin to envy the views birders with bigger scopes have, you can grit your teeth and buy the 95 mm objective unit to get even with them. With the ATS, you'd have to sell it or shell out much more cash for a whole second scope of more size.

I know the original question was about optical differences but one thing that appeals to me about the ATS is that it is fairly easy to find at a reasonable secondhand price.

I doubt there are many secondhand ATXs around yet. Originally Posted by kabsetz. Contact Us - Home - Top. They are that good.

On the angled vs straight, I just bought a angled spotter, all my previous scopes were straight, and I'm having a hell of a time getting use to this angled scope, but might just take time to adapt to it. If you know someone with a angled spotter it would be worth the time to spend a day with it and see how it works for you.

I'm kind of wishing I would have went with a straight now, but that's just me. If money is really no object then buy the best of the best. Kowa Prominar Series. That being said, why wouldn't a guy want the HD? I don't see the Kowa being any cheaper than the swaro I found Kowa pricing to be lower than Swaro when I was looking, if you compare same sized objectives. I wouldn't turn my nose up at either Kowa or Swaro I own a Kowa.

As Hermit said, the Kowa has been voted the number one spotter a couple of times by a couple of organizations.

From what I understand HD has more to do with colour correctness than resolution. Birders appreciate it for viewing coloured plumage, digiscopers seem to like it as well. Short of looking through each to see what pleases your eye, if you are prepared to cry once why not go HD?

You'll never have to second guess if you should have upgraded. As far as straight vs. Im not turning my nose up at anything, I will continue to do research. Thanks for the tips guys. Keep em coming You asked about Swaro for a reason Swaro glass is the best on the planet. The atx - stx looks like a very versatile rig. If I was flush with cash it would be the way I would go. You asked about Swaro for a reason Swaro glass is the best on the planet Ahem - that is your opinion. And I'm not knocking Swaro, Leica, or Ziess all of whom make awesome products.

However, Kowa in the series doesn't use glass Thus the tag line - "crystal clear". All the other scopes coat their good glass with fluorite films. Also, I would also only compare the Kowa and series scopes in quality to the rest of the best and they are less expensive than the competition size by size. Ahem - that is your opinion. I know what they are and ive played with them, Nice scopes but They didnt exactly knock my sox off.

Those that want the best mostly all seem to go to swaro. I own the swaro HD 65 with the x eyepiece and the Swaro cover.. Last 4 years spotting sheep Spenses bridge.. It has eliminated miles of wasted travel.. A friend asked me the same question last week? I have other brand name spotters in both configurations. The barrel of the ATS can be rotated, this can be advantageous if you have the scope set up at the range.

It would be quite practical if you were laying prone eyeballing a goat or sheep while trying to determine is you have a shot or not. This way, the hunter need not shift his position from the shooting position back to the spotter. That's about the only advantage that I see with the angled spotter.

On the con side. There is a little alignment tube on the side of Swarovskis and it is rather cumbersome to use with the ATS. So it basically it boils down to your preference. I use a Leupold tripod, at 2. In this particular case I would say it was Lexus vs. A cases could be made for either.: Another swaro HD guy here, sitting on a slik carbon tripod and a jim white machined head. It doesn't find sheep though, I should return it: My opion the straight ones are better for locating game better.

I've got a Swarovski spotter,not hd. Have looked throu them all, straight ,angled, hd, different brands. I've got the angled and think it's great! Recommend buying the body armour for it. Mine has been all over the map, in and out of every mode of transport and if you take the armour off, she looks brand new! I was back a week later worried he didnt have it in stock anymore , knowing that when he wa sellling it to me it was his last one.

Swaro has or had when I bought it a promo you get the armour free with scope and eyepiece purchase I took it off, too bulky and a bit extra weight.

For armour just wrap it in hockey tape - save weight and bulk. If you ever want to sell it just peel it off and good as new.

Have had a STS for about 10 years , just returned from a warranty overhaul , the eyepiece had come apart inside. Have made a couple of protective tubes out of old blue foamie sleeping pad material and duct tape But most of the time in the day pack it is wrapped in a square of canvas , good to have along for kneeling or sitting on. Terrain dictates alot as to whether straight or angle is better , combined with a suitable tripod of course. If you share , the straight is far easier for anyone to get onto game.

Straight for peering over ridges and boulders and grass and willows , angled for looking up at cliffs and high slopes. Is swaro that much better than Zeiss or Leica? Have spent some time with a Swaro spotter, just not side by side with Leica or Zeiss in a similar size.

I did try the leica and the Zeiss.. Leica was "darker" not as much light.. Too bad you didn't have a Kowa to put in the mix. I have the Kowa prominar and like it a lot. Much better balance point as well.

Not saying the Kowa is better but for the money it's good value. In the 65mm the Swaro HD is the king. They do say that the Kowa Prominar will hang with them all and then some. I don't think you can go wrong with the Swaro HD. I chose the Leica, with my eyes it was the clearest and sharpest, and I did not care for the focus ring on the Swaro, but we are splitting hairs here as they are all alpha glass and you will not regret it.

The difference is not apparent at the range or looking off your friends sundeck down the block. The difference comes when you spot a nice 6 point bull bedding down in an aspen grove across the valley and others have not seen it with whatever they are using. I'm not upon the new line but the HD series is pretty darn good.

Straight vs angle, hmmm, I've got both and I prefer the angle but the answer could be different for you. It would be useful to consider your application and your stature when deciding. If you are tall consider an angle head. I'm 6'4" and twisting my body around to look through a straight head scope gets tedious and tiring after awhile.

If you are hunting grizzly, elk, or moose consider an angle head. When you are glassing slides for spring bear, or the tree line for elk and moose for hours on end the straight head is tedious. The angle head is slower to acquire a target but once you get used to it's about the same as the straight.

The straight is a little easier to pack if you are one of those sheep and goat loonies. Swaro 65 ATS 65 meters and 60X http: Both photos were taken with a Pentax Optio RZ10 without the aid of a camera adapter.

Late afternoon with high heavy overcast. Elkaddict, which Kowa do you have? Have you set it up beside a Swaro?? Lots of interesting info here. Im thinking about upgrading my luepold gold ring! Ive kinda put Leicas on the side, simply cause they only go to 50x, A buddy has the Ziess x its real nice, another buddy has the Swaro 80 HD.

But ive also had an intesest in Kowa!! I havent heard much about the Kowa's but when I have its always been good. Compare them to your Gold Ring , not such a big step in improvement , you might just decide to spend your money elsewhere.

I have a It has been set up beside a Swaro X Sorry to shoot holes in your test, but you have apples vs oranges Not a fair test. The 77mm objective is going to draw in more light then a 65mm. Doesn't matter if its a Bushnell, Leica, or Kowa. You need to redo the test comparing identical scopes. Power and objective size Maybe someone could provide a 66mm Kowa to compare to a 65mm Swaro, Leica or Zeiss. It's been a great spotter, very bright and clear. We've used it on a couple sheep hunts and you can tell from several kilometers away if a sheep is worth a closer look, sheep you can't even see with the naked eye.

The Swarovskis are awesome too. Yeah, I could if you're in the LML. It will run with the non-hd all day and than some to my eyes. Now the HD 65 Swaro might be another story. Would like to run that comparison.

I do know the Kowa balances much better on the tripod and is very friendly to use. I was originally going to go with a Nikon but after waiting for a month and still not receiving it I canceled the order and went with Kowa and I'm glad I did. This is simply not true and is a gross exaggeration and here is why.

The surface area of a 60mm objective lens is The surface area of a 66mm objective lens is The difference is The surface area of the is The Swarovski 65 has a surface area of Jagermeister- Not to be argumentative but I believe the ad is correct then. It's all about wording. I think Elkaddict only compared the to the 65mm Swarovski because that's what he had available, no one said it was fair though and it is good to point that out to a prospective buyer.

In the end they're all good, get what you like. LOL Jager is partially correct I have had numerous side by side comparisons between the Swaro 80 HD and the Kowa with dozens of people and not a single person has said that one was significantly better than the other in very low light conditions. As to the argument that "less expensive" must in some way mean "not as good" Perfect Condition and full lifetime warranty. Yes they are every bit as nice as the Swarovision too! Thanks elkaddic for the offer of comparison but i'm in alberta.

I have put my gold ring up beside the swaro 65 and 3 of us all agreed that that swaro was not any better then the gold ring.