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In Luxembourg, around 2, people work for the EP--calculating with the same percentage around 3. However, the numbers are more precise for the European Court of Justice , based in Kirchberg. Apart from the two British judges and the advocate general, there were 45 civil servants and 22 agents registered on 1 January. Naturally, EU civil servants are not serving their national interests, but work for the common European good.

This also applies to the Brits. Article 11 of staff regulations is very clear on this point:. He shall carry out the duties assigned to him objectively, impartially and in keeping with his duty of loyalty to the Communities. This means that British civil servants cannot simply be dismissed on the grounds of their citizenship after Brexit, even if their situation may become more complicated in certain cases.

Staff regulations foresee that only EU citizens can be hired or promoted, and naturally there is no indication as to what happens when a member state leaves the EU. This means that for now, British civil servants can stay at their posts even when their country is not part of the EU anymore. However, they may not change jobs or be promoted as long as they only have their British nationality.

The same spokesperson said:. The question of pensions must also be addressed, as the contribution system is financed by the member states. Nothing has as yet been discussed. Within the European Investment Fund, there are 29 Brits out of All the member states are shareholders of the EIB: The challenges are colossal and no one really knows where to start.

On Wednesday 29 March, not only will the British permanent representative to the EU present the letter of the prime minister to leave the EU to Donald Tusk , but a few hours later, a meeting in the EP between the president of the EU and the leaders of the political groups will talk about setting up concrete red lines for the Brexit negotiations.

The EP is said to oppose any intentions to change the status of European citizens residing and working in the UK. He would call their names in the middle of the night, and even smear "fake blood" on their doors while they were sleeping. There was threatening behaviour used to enforce it including beatings, and their heads being pushed by the gas fire so they were scorched if they moved away. To begin with, the attacks were every day, then frequently every two [2] to three days, with the one daughter babysitting while the other was raped.

His two daughters had nineteen pregnancies between them, including five miscarriages, five terminations and two children dying soon after birth. He was said to have 'taken pleasure' from the harm he was inflicting, [6] and the fathering of the children, despite the difficult pregnancies and deaths.

The women's relationships with their current partners gave them the courage to come forward. Although the man at first denied the crimes, DNA testing confirmed that he was the father of the women's children.

Daniel De Cleats [ citation needed ] responded to the concerns of MPs from Sheffield, including Nick Clegg the leader of the Liberal Democrats , and David Blunkett by saying he was "outraged at the unspeakable abuse committed The case had gone undetected by social services agencies and schools or hospitals, despite the numerous pregnancies, and despite the girls at times having unexplained injuries.

The man had previously been faced with reports of the incestuous rape of his daughters in a police complaint filed by their brother, but no action was taken by the police, [11] as they considered the brother's word to be hearsay evidence that would not hold up in court, and because the girls would not say anything, due to intimidation.

Family members reported their concerns to the authorities over two decades but nothing was done. Social workers say that because the father moved the family so often, what rare chance there was of someone disclosing incest was lessened by the girls not forming a close relationship with a teacher, other professional, or anyone else.

They were known to social services in both Lincolnshire and South Yorkshire, but the abuse was not recognised. In , the family doctor who failed to recognise or report the abuse was suspended by the General Medical Council.

The county council and police are to be investigated. No action had been taken, although there were obvious signs and agencies were suspicious, [8] and that was why it was going to independent Serious Case Review. Doctors were said to have failed professional guidelines of the General Medical Council by not informing the authorities, and the handling of the case, together with the failure of institutions to share information with each other, breached recommendations following a review of another case of protracted incest four years before in Swindon.

The family doctor who failed to recognise the signs had already been suspended by the GMC four years before, due to his falling below the minimum standard to the extent that he was exposing patients to risk.

Before this doctor's suspension and subsequent departure from practice, the father would bring his daughters with the complications from their nineteen pregnancies and other injuries to him if they needed to see a doctor, even when they moved out of the area. The case coincided with several other cases in the United Kingdom which highlighted possible problems with the efficiency of child protection services. The father was said by his sister-in-law to have been motivated in part by wanting to keep for himself the money paid to him by the state in child support for the numerous children.