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I wanted to tell you about your new Christmas commercial. Dicks put up a sign saying no blacks allowed. They really wanted to know what had caused the suspicion.

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What happens when a nutcase uses a Drone to harm and kill others? We then ban Drones! Weapons of mass destruction are abundant. Our founding Fathers recognized the need for citizens second ramendment rights to protect ourselves not only from unstable or evil intent minded fellow citizens but MOREOVER from our own overreaching Government.

I stopped shopping at Dicks in when AR rifles were removed from the stores. ARs were removed 2 weeks ago from Field and Stream stores as well. Yesterday I heard from employees that the CEO is good friends with and supports Dian Feinstein and is planning to cut thousands of AR style rifles into pieces in a huge media frenzy. I feel that the Dicks Corporation has become a whore to the liberal agenda leading to gun control.

It is Dicks right to sell products as they please but it is the citizens right to let stockholders know where we stand. I will not be purchasing so much as a paperclip from your company in the future and will encourage everyone I can to also avoid business with your company. No only is this an issue but even though a person is LEGALLY allowed to purchase neither ammunition, shotguns or rifles the corporation has decided to deicide the law for themselves and not sell to anyone under So someone who boght a shotgun at Dicks last week cannot buy ammo for it at Dicks this week.

Its a lot like buying a car from a company that then refuses to sell you gas for it tomorrow. What about the US Government who gives a person as young as 17 with parental consent and sends them overseas to kill people for them but will not sell that 18, 19 or 20 year old a shotgun for turkeys or even a box of shells for the shotgun THEY DID sell him a couple weeks ago. I guess you guys really are Dicks in a multitude of ways!

Wanted to thank you for taking the stand against assault rifles. Really glad that you were willing to step forward and set the example regardless of feed back. First both my wife and I want to thank you for taking the stand on not selling guns that are not needed for hunting. I believe this is not the first time Dicks has done something like this to protect the public.

As I recall when I was working for them in the Vestal NY store when they first opened there was a shooting in another store, Not Dicks, where some was looking at a pistol and than shot him self.

When Dicks heard of the this they removed the pistols from the self… I am a sportsman so I believe if you want to have a gun to go hunting, markmenship, or clay shooting than fine. I believe in hunter and gun safety education.

It is obvious the NRA has too much control over our government to keep it from doing what the majority of the citizens wants to keep us safe.

You have now joined the proven mentally ill left who are responsible for most, if not all, school shootings in our Nation. Want be shopping in any of your stores any longer, even if you change your mind….

You are a political coward. You now join the mob with a knee-jerk reaction to the recent Florida shootings. I agree fully with your comment. Because of their blatant disrespect for my right to own a modified sporting rifle which is nothing more than a rifle that can support flashlights, lasers, and other non lethal equipment.

As to refer to this rifle as an assault rifle is absurd! The same kind of disturbed person that walked into that school with an AR 15 may someday find their way into our highest office in the land. Liberty and Freedom can disappear in the blink of an eye, study history and you will find it has happened many times. What I see, are businesses like yours, along with politicians that understand this concept, but instead choose to embrace the socialist and communist direction our country has taken.

Your are not willing to enter a discussion on securing our schools, instead you promote the stripping away of our rights, the right to own rifles with magazines, to secure our way of life, liberty and freedom which is guaranteed to us in the 2nd amendment. No, you show your true colors and what you stand for and I will take my business elsewhere. I applaud you for making what I am certain was a difficult decision — but certainly the right one.

If one life is saved because of your courage and willingness to do the right thing, it will have been worth it. From a business perspective, I am thinking you will gain many more customers than you will lose by putting principal above profit.

I hope the so-called elected leaders inside the Beltway are paying attention. Corporate America showing leadership where those who have been elected to do that job, have abdicated. You will be getting my business. While we are absolutely in favor of more gun control and better background checks we are very concerned regarding the new policy oat Dicks and other places not willing to sell guns to our young men and women under the age of We are ready to send our young people to war with guns in their possession and the possibility of dying for our country when they turn 18 years of age yet we are unwilling to sell them guns for the sport of hunting or target practice.

This makes absolutely no sense. Both entering the service and buying a rifle should be the same age requirement. If our youth are mature enough to fight for our country they should be mature enough to own a rifle. I am as left as they come politically, however I believe in the protections the constitution affords its citizens. I do not have any issue at all with the 2nd amendment and people owning guns. I have no issue with 21 being the minimum age to buy a rifle.

You have to be 21 to purchase a hand gun. Why not the same age for rifles? While not a current customer, your current policy change has earned my business in the future. I honestly believe you will gain more customers than you will lose and I applaud your courage to break from the status quo.

The shooting in Parkland Florida was partially a result of Obama-era policies that directed law enforcement to ignore certain crimes and signals from youths in that county, and a failure of law enforcement to follow through on tips provided about Nicholas Cruz. It had nothing do do with the NRA. The problem must be solved where it lies, not by making guns less available. Thank you for standing side by side with people who care about responsible gun control. Enough cell phone fatalities occurred on the road that many states enacted laws that prohibit distracted driving.

I see the comments from people stating that you have lost their business forever. I applaud you for knowing this and still doing this. You will gain customers from this decision. I am already a customer and probably a shareholder through mutual funds.

Thank You for doing the right thing. I applaud you and your board for your courageous stand against gun violence. There is no reason whatsoever for any American citizen to own a military grade assault weapon. Again, sincere thanks for doing the right thing for our kids. I commend you and all the other companies taking a stand and doing what they could to end these mass murders.

I wanted to say that as a businessman I appreciate and support the difficult decision you have just made. As a hunter, outdoorsman, river guide and supporter of Second Amendment rights I am afraid I can no longer shop at any of your stores because of your political posturing on the matter.

Good luck, Rocky Campbell. Thank you for taking a stand against for not selling assault weapons or the ammunition for such weapons in your store and raising the age to purchase other guns to The time has come for businesses to take moral stand above profit and I applaud you for doing so.

Although it may not be popular with some, you have done the right thing. A company with guts! I will drive across town to shop in your store now! You suspended those sales years ago but you want everyone to think you are being responsible and are doing something good. Therefore I and my family and friends will no longer spend our money in your stores.

Thank you, thank you for having the courage to stand up, take the lead and do the right thing. I commend you and your company. I am talking about the sales ban of all assault-style rifles in your stores, no longer selling high-capacity magazines and not selling any gun to anyone under 21 years of age, regardless of local law. I also do not understand why guns manufactured for war are allowed to be sold to civilians.

No true need or purpose outside of war. There are a few who are unhappy with your decision and threaten to spend elsewhere. Most Americans see your decision as life saving and long overdue. Guns are not the only piece of the answer to this shooting issue but your decision is finally that necessary start. Thank you for having the courage to take a stand on assault rifles and high capacity magazines. However, I will now be looking for what I need at your stores first from now on and give you my support whenever I can.

I am a responsible gun owner and believe in the Second Amendment but I believe assault rifles and high capacity magazines have no place with civilians in America. Your stand is courageous and much appreciated. Stack, Thank you for taking a much-needed stand on this vitally important issue.

I am in agreement with your action and join those who are deeply distressed and frustrated by the ineptitude of our legislators on basic gun reform. No one needs an assault rifle and a high-capacity magazine of bullets for legal uses. Responsible gun owners do know that—why does the NRA fail to recognize the harm done by their intractable position?

A police state run by the rabid communists who run the Democratic Party. Good luck with your new friends ; the communist front. In my childhood days we learned that was a bad thing. May your strong statement help our culture move towards a better balance between reasonable ownership of guns and safety for all our people. Thank you for taking the very courageous step to stop selling guns.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. Thank you for your logical and necessary decision. Thank you for your actions concerning assault style weapons. I was a safety forces responder to a school shooting 6 years and feel that limitations on assault weapons and high capacity magazines is long overdue.

I was so moved by your announcement and decision to stop selling assault guns in your stores. So many of us are trying desperately to figure out how to prevent massacres of our children with guns in our country, but few of us are in a position to truly do something significant.

You ARE in a position to do something and you were brave enough to do it. We are a family of responsible gun owners AND we support your actions. With three sons and four grandsons who are active in all sports, I have shopped at Dicks often over the years.

Since your attack on our 2nd Ammendment rights, I will no longer be entering your doors. Having just completed my second CCW training class, I am ready to purchase a sidearm. You have lost a customer for life due to your new anti-gun policy. Sad, I have been very pleased with your products and service for many years.

Stack, your press release today leaves me a bit confused. In the beginning of the release you state that you support and respect the 2nd Amendment. However, you also state later in your release that you are in support of banning certain types of weapons and accessories. What you have done it part of what is wrong with this country, bowing down bleeding hearts in the name of political correctness.

I like millions or responsible gun owners have never committed a crime. The good thing about rights is they work both ways. I have a right to never shop in your store again. I also have the right to tell everyone I know to never shop there again. I am sure you have your ivory towers lined with wealth. Due to the stance you have taken in banning totally legal firearms and mags because of unhinged people blaming inanimate objects like guns and the NRA for deaths committed by a known psycho, I will not spend another red cent in your stores.

Ha ha, better spend over 10 million dollars if you want your local store to exist in another year. Stack, I am writing to express my sincere disapproval of your recent decision to discontinue sales of firearms to anyone age 18 to By doing so you are depriving young men and woman their constitutional second amendment right to protect themselves.

I believe you and many other companies have made emotional decisions based on the many tragic current events. Which no doubt has shaken us to our core and broken our hearts. My feeling on this for the longest time is that perhaps we all need to take a good look in the mirror and reflect on what kind of life we are living out in front of our youth.

As well as allowing them to many choices. Guess what folks the friendship comes as a result of being a parent, they may not like it at the time, but will thank you later. Unless you reverse your decision I will miss shopping at Dicks.

If people want them bad enough they will pay for the classes and licenses. Would be a great revenue stream for states as well. January 27, was when the draft ended, so that argument is kind of dated. It is an all volunteer military now. Are you still selling baseball bat?

Because in there were murders by blunt objects hammers, bat, pipes. There were by all rifles not just assault style rifles. Go ahead and fact check it. After every act of terrorism, we are told we should not judge all Muslims based on the actions of a few.

Thank you for taking a stand on guns — it is far past time that more people and corporations followed suit. While mental health, background checks, and flaws in law enforcement systems also need to be addressed, assault rifles and similar weapons are clearly a huge part of the school and other location violence problem in this country. I have never shopped Dicks Sporting Goods in the past.

But as of your recent decision to ban the sales of all assault-style rifles in your stores, no longer sell high-capacity magazines and that you would not sell any gun to anyone under 21 years of age, regardless of local law is AMAZING. Thank you for taking a stand.

I truly do not understand why guns manufactured for war are allowed to be sold to civilians. You have a new customer in myself and many of my friends. These types of guns should not be sold to the general public in the United States. I too am a gun owner and real hunters do not need these types of weapons.

Serious gun owners rarely buy this type of rifle at your store. They are purchased at gun stores with knowledgeable staff. I have bough golf clubs, golf shoes, golf balls, exercise equipment, some clothes, and ammo at your stores. My son buys his ammo at Walmart because it is cheaper. You lost a customer but I wish you luck. I personally know three families who have lost sons under the age of 21 who committed suicide using firearms they purchased at Academy.

I have been enraged by their agenda, their methods, their lack of ethics, and I have been enraged by their spokespersons, especially in light of the ongoing multiple murders in our schools. God bless you for what you are doing! I hope that you will be the turning point of responsible change in the firearms industry, and in the intelligent understanding of this nation. Have decided to remove your company from any purchase consideration due to your sellout to the left wing bleeding hearts.

Hope to see your stock plummet. William Fejka Aliquippa, Pa. It is my sincere hope that your company goes out of business very soon. I have been a loyal Dicks shopper for years. With two kids in multiple sports, I usually spend a few thousand dollars a year at your stores.

However, as of this morning, I will not be stepping foot in your stores ever again. What happened in Florida was terrible, but for an outdoor supply company to stop selling rifles because some people do not like them is just ridiculous.

I spent 17 years in the service defending the rights of Americans. You have every right to stop selling. Good luck in the future, I imagine that many Americans feel the same way as I do and I would expect a noticeable drop in your profits soon. How about if your two kids were murdered in a school shooting? Imagine that, you American fool. Edward Stack for standing up for all of us and our freedom to move about, e.

Thank you so much for standing up for freedom! You have a right to set policies for your stores just as I have a right to purchase my sporting goods any where I wish, Due to your announcement of the policy to restrict firearms and magazines to law abiding citizens, I therefore will not be purchasing from any of your stores. Thank you so much for taking a stance on assault type of weapons. Hopefully, other sellers will follow your lead.

We need more people like you in this country. Thanks again for making a difference!! I wish our politicians were as brave as you are. Your store will be the ONL: Y sporting goods store I patronize from this day forward. I have your return mailing label, so why do I have to pay UPS to pick up my return?

So much for free returns. I have dealt with UPS returns from stores and have never had to schedule a pick up, It would seem a company your size would be more customer friendly for people who live in rural areas all over this country. I ordered a pair of shoes through one of your salespeople because the store did not carry them. Came in the mail and shoes were two different sizes! Had to stand in line again and get a refund thank goodness. The manager in the Victorville store had nothing good to say about your warehouse workers.

Will not be shopping here anymore! Made sense that speaking with someone directly rather than trusting online ordering using a gift card would ensure accuracy. The young lady that took the order obviously had just landed on earth, and was confused.

Hope the young space cadet bought her boyfriend something nice with my gift cards………. Worst Customer Service ever…. I was trying on gloves to buy for a gift. That evening I noticed my wedding ring was gone.

Sunday around 11am, I called the store and asked the young lady who answered the phone if she would check the gloves I gave her the isle and the brand name of the gloves that I had tried on. Remind you, I was 4. I was so disappointed and sad. Monday I spoke with a nice young lady at Dicks Customer Care line. This young lady took my complaint and said she would make sure that this issue was taken care of and the store manager would be calling me.

Well almost 2 weeks later and I still have not received a call. Needless to say, someone will be getting a nice diamond ring as a surprise for Christmas. The employees were rude and disrespectful to me. I was mistreated as a new customer who never purchased anything there before. I got weird and nasty looks along with smart comments. That is not customer service and no employee should ever treat a customer like that. I experienced this from not one, but two employees.

After my order was sitting in my basket for almost 15 min and would not move forward to payment so could not proceed. Then I call customer service a the wait is 30 min. I experienced racism to its fullest!

I was told to be followed by Jimmy! Dicks sporting goods is a terrible place to shop they must be shut down. There is pure racism in dicks! However I was never in the coat section. Dicks must close their doors now. I filed a complaint it is now 8: Rebecca a customer care manager i spoke to her pls note I called for a update of my complaint Rebecca was truly nasty and insulting to offer me a gift card!!!

Racism does not have a price tag on it. How disgusting of dicks. Close your doors dicks. Dicks do not deserve to b open to no one. They are a racist company. Dicks put up a sign saying no blacks allowed. Dicks store in kingstn ny where this happened is a terrible store!!!! Not a manager at all came to try to resolve this issue at! Pure racism to its fullest! If any of u experienced racism anywhere expose it! Dicks I want the world to know your company is racist.

Speak out against racisism everyone. Dicks stop covering up racism. Dicks get racism out of your company if not I will make sure it becomes a Failure! White ppl are the biggest crooks on earth! B sure to watch the white ppl that come in your stores as well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was trying to order shoes for my son for school. I called customer service. I told him I needed to add to the order and would call back to finish my order. I called later and they would not honor what the other rep said.

They said he was wrong and they would reprimand him for saying the wrong thing. I will not be ordering again and will make sure others know that even thought they advertise on their own website a percentage, they lie and in the end do not apply it!! Everlast was blamed, I was told I was cussing? And was not, not happy about all this, but cussed no one! Took half an hour to get to a supervisor? After many refusals, was told by Jackie, she was the supervisor, and corporate?

I still do not have a return authorizations, Never again will I use dicks, and will spread the word about this as well. I own 3 companies, how anyone can run a business like this , is beyond me. If you find yourself in my position, dispute with the bank, dicks, the staff, the supposed corporate?

People on the phone will not help you, are rude, play the blame game…on and on, worst costumer service I have ever had.

Apparently all of their systems are broken. Banner on store for Golf Shale, shopping for golf shoes. I wear a size 10, but nearest is Walk out of dept and tell girl probably college student at check out that they are going to loose my sale because of shoe lace. Weak management on how to render service to make sale.

FYI clue, answer would be to check shoe price and lace, e-mail that have made change and are holding size These people are probably just a small amount of customers who complained about their bad customer service experiance.

Tell people about your experiance with them. Is is going to change, I doubt it. They hire bad employees and promote them who just want to get ahead and put the time on their resume. Stack would read about these complaints, he probably get rid of this trash but why? So we are just a bunch of whiners to him that mean nothing. He still goes home every night and collects a paycheck, lives in a nice house, kids go to good schools, gives a lot to charities, no matter how bad customer service is, his buddies will tell him what a wonderful job he is doing.

My would guess would be there is high turn over at these stores and a lot of sick time used if they get it. The store caters to average sized people. The general sized USA population is getting larger but stores only stock average sizes. In stores, now a days, check out how the clothing is displayed. The large sizes are on the bottom of the shelves and the small clothing is on the top! They go to college to figure this out!

Anyway, go someplace else for your recreational stuff. Why go to someplace like this because it is close to where you live? Maybe Sears has taken them over, I thought Sears had bad customer service but this service up there with them! Maybe they are having a contest for the worst service in the retail industry. But the corporate heads will retire or go to some other cush jobs telling people how wonderful they were and are.

What a great scam. Push all you can! Stack would be spinning in his grave if he knew this dissatisfaction was going on at his stores. I was treated badly. If I ran dicks I would not let people like that work for me! The rep advised that the previous rep entered the incorrect request. I have since then spoken with 5 supervisors from the supervisor line. They finally shipped a part to me.. Let me tell you about dicks sporting goods.. Let me tell you about a great transaction from Dicks Online Sporting Goods.

I had to purchase a gift-card to buy a pair of shoes online because for some reason you cannot use your store card online makes no sense. After ordering these shoes and a shirt, I received an email indicating that the shoes were unavailable a week later. I found the same pair with a different color for the same exact price that I ordered and the representative over the phone informed me that I could not transfer a gift-card balance to this new pair.

I used my credit card to purchase these new shoes and was informed that I would be refunded the purchase price, per Nick from Dicks.

Come to find out, that is not how things work and Dicks will not refund my money after their representative, Nick, informed me that I would be fully refunded.

You lied to me over the phone and even took the time to review the phone call but will not issue my money back. I will never be shopping at Dicks again and you have lost a loyal customer. The unprofessional attitudes I dealt with after one of your employees lied to me over a call is unacceptable. This is not how you do business and I hope everyone that reads this thinks twice before ordering online from this company.

Poor poor poor customer service. Never received my paycheck. Employees were paid on October 21, My orientation was Sunday, October 2, from 1: Where is my paycheck Dicks Sporting Goods?!?!?!

Why is your company impossible to get an answer. So, email your response or ignore me like you have been doing. BTW all wicking material is skin tight. They blend in with the guest. They should have matching shirts with the companies name on it. I did not agree with the spandex and yoga pants uniforms, which is why I no longer work there. Purchased golf equipment in July and had an Entertainment Book coupon that was good as of August 1 thru December The cashier told me I had 90 days to return with the coupon, and so I did today.

When I did though the cashier that was supposed to be there to help me, not only did not help me, but was extremely rude. I left and returned with my husband later this evening and with the managers help got it done. The store we went to was store in Fort Myers, FL. I am sorry to say that we will not be shopping at this location in the future. Why inside shopping one of there clothing racks blew into my car.

Putting a few dings,scratches and chipped my paint. The manager on duty was rude so I call the next day and that manager was nice took all the info and said someone will contact me. Starting to really get mad!! I went to the San Diego location on July 10th and purchased Rio Shotgun shells that were on sale for 5.

I told him that I always buy a case whenever they are on sale and I am aware of the laws and that any new laws usually start on the first of a new year. I had him ask a manager and the manager lets him sell it to me. Yeah, I went there. I shoot trap and had a shooting match the next day and you use 7 boxes the entire day so why not buy a case? What happened in Dallas is not my problem. You cannot profile every single black person that comes into the store to buy ammunition.

That is not YOUR job. If you are afraid of black people who own guns, then that employee needs to work at a store that does not sell guns. I purchase 3 hats and my account was debited The man I spoke to said I should receive my items the same weekend. I called again to confirm on Thursday. But how is it the stores and sport shops got a shipment. I am upset because I was told I would get them this weekend, now it is said the 1st of July.

I ordered online due to high demand and stores selling out. Then I get an email. That Dicks now has these hats in the stores! Sunday June 12, Dicks ad in the Sunday times here in El Paso, Tx stated Winchester rnd boxes 9mm, 40 cal, and 45 cal, I went to this el paso store on 2 different occasion only to find no 9mm ammo. While in the store, both times I had to search for someone to assist me. If you are going to advertise merchandise, you should have it on hand.

I called, per store associates request on Tuesday the 14th still no 9mm ammo. Store associate stated they do not give rain checks. Hello, my name is Staff Sergeant David Maxwell. I have here is a Battalion of soldiers and as an organization we are having a recreational sports day, and are short of many supplies.

We are looking for Corn Hole boards, and bean bags for it. We could also use Frisbees, and footballs. Our unit does not have the current funds for this project, and we feel it is very important for our soldiers and their families to enjoy this day of activities to draw closer, and connect so that when we deploy, we are a more focused and efficient unit.

We would greatly appreciate any and all equipment that you could donate to our cause. We was sitting in the road waiting on a red light. Risk management told me to turn it in on my insurance company. Why should i have to pay for damages to my car that I did not cause?? Cant even get a response back from anyone that can do something about it thanks for nothing some store you people run and it was the Muskogee, OK store.

I ordered a Bowflex trainer for Dicks sporting goods. Two teenage boys showed up in regular clothes in a brown van to assemble the equipment from select express The equipment was not assembled incorrectly. Call Slecet express to come out fix the problem. I have scheduled serval appointments took, time off of work: I have contacted the Corporate office, they basically told me I had to settle the issue with Select express myself.

Today they did not show up again. I contacted the local attorney general today. Hopefully, they can resolve the issue. The gentlemen I unfortunately do not remember his name he was was young guy maybe in college came over to help.

My husband asked him a few questions, we were looking for exercise bikes and a bike to ride around the park. All of the sudden it was 2 other employees that came over I think one was a manager and the other was a brunette girl and they interrupted us and he pretty much walked over and talked to them.

He simply forgot about us, and left us standing there. I overheard him asking the guy if he knew anything about the bikes, the guy pretty much ignored him and asked if he wanted to help put a bike together and they all went to the desk and started putting together the bike, while my husband and I stood there dumbfounded like did this really just happen?

They did not seem like they cared as we walked off in front of them and they continued playing and being completely disrespectful and ignoring us. I was so shocked and appalled by this behavior, we walked out the store, but not before the other employees at the front did not acknowledge us again.

I am a hotel General Manager and I would be angered to hear that my staff treated customers in the way that your employees treated my husband and I. You lack what it takes to even be in business. My husband and I decided to take our money and spend it at a place with friendly staff and people that are knowledgeable about the products they sell. This was so disappointing and completely unacceptable.

Someone needs to put some better managers in place and get that store back in order, I can only imagine what your other stores are like! I wanted to see if you would be willing to donate equipment to the program during the innagural year to 4 age groups: U9, U11, U13, and U15 all boys And we hope to expand to a girls program in year two. This donation will be pivotal to help the program gain acceptance in the area. It would be an amazing feat for us to partner together, and help grow this amazing sport for the kids of Western PA.

Please let me know ASAP if this would be a possibility and how we could make arrangements for delivery of the equipment. Friday evening was a night that unexpectedly shined a light on the dysfunction of your personal located at your store in Pittsfield Massachusetts. To begin with it all started as a simple error with your point of sale payment equipment. The card reader locked up when I was processing payment for my purchase.

After taking what seem to be too long to process the card I canceled the transaction and the cashier advised me to scan my card again in which the second time the payment process went through with no hiccups. However upon examination of my bank account later that evening I noticed that there were two identical transactions withdrawn against my card from your store.

I called your store in Pittsfield to correct the problem and was told that it cannot be done over the phone that I had to come into the store. This is where everything went wrong. Call me old fashioned but I still expect customer service. I received zero acceptable customer service while dealing with this issue with your staff. To start off with they were not friendly. Secondly they had no idea how do I address my problem passing it back-and-forth between a cashier and I guess it would be a supervisor.

When I asked who I believe to be the supervisor for her name she just simply stated Kim and I Then asked her for her last name stating that I would need to know it to address her incompetence with my call I plan to make to corporate, she then told me that All I need to know is that it is Kim.

Ok not to get ahead of myself. Here is a chronological explanation of how the incident began. I walked into the store and went to the front desk. There was a mid aged woman there. I told her that I made a purchase earlier and my card was double charged. I showed her my receipt and online back statement. She then looked puzzled and called over another staff member.

Never was I introduced to any of the staff and I had no idea at this time I was talking to other than it was a dicks employee, that in itself was unprofessional. Next this 2nd staff member said she would help. I told her the card reader glitched during the purchase that it was scanned a second time to complete the transaction. I told her my concern did not lie with her inventory but my receiving my money back into my account. She then said she needed to do a few things and said she would be right back that she needed to go to the back to handle this.

I said OK and just proceeded to shop around the store. She never proceeded to get me to explain to me the situation instead she left a note on my receipt with the woman that I first spoke to at the front desk in the front of the store. I asked the woman upfront what was this? I told the woman upfront in which I first spoke to that this was unacceptable and could you please get whoever it was that I spoke to back up there so she can address this problem.

The second employee returned to the front desk and began to tell me that she could do nothing for me and I need to call customer service on Monday. Again I said this is unacceptable that she needed to do her job and correct this situation or she need to contact a supervisor or manager that could deal with it. She said that she was the supervisor and there was nobody to contact that I would just have to call customer service and Monday that there was nothing she could do for me because she checked her computer and she only seen one transaction.

This is the point that both of us lost patience for the other. Again she said there was nothing she could do for me. How about you get on the phone and contact somebody in a position above you that is not stupid and able fix my issue that your faulty equipment has made.

Well now I think she took offense to my comment and threatened me with calling the police if I didnt not leave the store. However I was losing my patience due to her inability to correct the problem which would quickly been resolved if she just at least tried to deal with the problem which she did not seem to do from the beginning and she immediately got on the phone and called the police. I was in shock and in bit of disbelief that she was actually calling the police on me!

The basis for my opinion that I did believe myself to seem hostile is while we were talking I was also on my phone trying to contact my bank so she could talk to them and it would be a clear understanding that there was two transactions from dicks deducted from my account since when she said she only seen one transaction it seemed accusing towards me that I was lying or fraudulent in my accusations. At this point she walks away from me while I stand there at the front desk on my phone on hold with my bank.

Meanwhile on hold with my bank, the police show up. Now I am extremely embarrassed and in a bit of shock. At this point I know my face is red with embarrassment and anger. Because I know my first impression was that I was a jerk. Not trying to justify any of this but how could I not be upset at this point. This is like public harassment or public embarrassment in my opinion.

All I wanted in the beginning was my funds to be credited to my card or convinced that it would be in a timely manner. Seems pretty simple in my mind since other businesses have done so in the past without a single issue.

But suddenly this is such a complicated task that the police need to be involved. I am a good customer, with plenty of money to spend. Well being placed wrongfully in the eye of the police like I am a criminal when it was your system that wrongfully drafted my money very much up sets me. In my head, yes I was thinking not so nice things about her, but never did I verbalize them and I continued to show restraint even though it was late in the evening and I did not want to I just wanted to fix the problem and go home.

Well the police said that she said there was nothing left to talk about, she said there was nothing she could do and I am being asked to leave the store, so my only option was to leave which I did. While home a little later I once again checked my account and it showed the money credited back to my account. It clearly stated it was an after business hours transaction. So I can only assume she did so after I left which shows me that she lied to me and the police that there was clearly something that could be done because it was.

The issue at this point is not the money but the embarrassment I was put through. Worst case scenario i was like a mirror reflecting back some of what was given to me by your staff. Please use the calia button to be left of the wall. Someone will be there to be let you in the fitting room.

I took a picture of it because it shows a severe lack of concern and responsibility. An employee unlocked the dressing room door for me, at which time I asked if an employee had actually read this sign.

He shrugged his shoulders. I could not find one person that would help me. Since when do you need a valid lic to buy a fishing lic? I worked for a manager with severe anger issues who came in drunk screaming at me everyday over an ear mic.

Incompetence and ignorance at the highest level. They blame or ignore you. The managers give no training what-so-ever. When you inquire, you get blamed. My manager purposely ripped off the sale tags on our products because he was pissy i was in the department.

The only way i got in was by repeatedly bringing up the issue with someone higher up til he got sick of it and finally put me in the department. If theyre in, they have to work with you.

If you make them the work mule running the counter 10 hours a day everyday they need to know what the hell they are supposed to do. I do the same sports as them and even i knew only as much as they did. I am not an idiot. I was an untrained employee with no assistance or mutual work respect-as-a-human-being towards myself.

Yes, i have worked for 2 manageable stores before, and succeed. One day this said manager kept pacing back and forth. I asked him what he was looking for. I thought he was trying to find the keys. What should i of done? Retaliation of the highest level. To whom it mat concern if anyone I was given a gift card for your stores at Christmas.

Today, I decided to use it to buy some trap ammunition. I went to you store in Auburn,N. Not seeing what I wanted, I asked the young man in the department if there were any Remington Gun Club target loads. He said they could not get them. Iasked him why that would be. There is certainly no shortage of them. They could be purchased by the case across the street. I told him that was an interesting marketing stratagy and left. They had a lot of Gun Club ammo, but, it was all 20 guage.

Not many trap shooters use that. I was surprised to see that Rio target loads were on sale there. That sale was not at the Auburn store, but 25 miles away they were on sale. How is that possible with a nationwide chain? I will heed the advice of your local sales stratagist and do my shopping at Bass Pro. So, there I stand…. Paid for and submitted myself to an instant Background check… been approved. As a final thought. On this day I unfortunately did not have adequate customer service provided to me.

I came into the store looking to buy a new pair of baseball cleats for this upcoming spring. Looking around at all of my options in order to pick out which cleat is best suited for me. Once I found the cleats I wanted, I could not find anyone to go get me the pair to try on. This is where the service provided to me was very poor and irritated me. Then after searching for a few minutes to find help, I came in contact with one of the employees.

This individual took the cleat I wanted and went to the back to find it. After waiting a couple more minutes I was told they do not have the size I am looking for in that color.

So I asked them if they had my size in another color. At this point I was too frustrated to shop and ended up leaving the store, and shopping elsewhere. I wrote to you not only to inform you of my recent encounter, but also to provide some suggestions to fix this common problem all of your stores have.

While leaving the store that day I thought there has to be a more adequate way to provide great customer service. After thinking for a few minutes I came up with 2 suggestions that may help fix your problem. Also another suggestion I have that may be less expensive is to have 2 or 3 kiosk in the shoe department.

On these kiosk it will be much like checking out when purchasing online. Individuals will shop for the shoe they want and this will tell them what sizes and colors are currently available. I believe this could be done by if action is taken properly.

Prior to Christmas I ordered a ping pong table online and due to the size and weight your representatives suggested that I pay for delivery and setup. My credit card was charged for the total amount on Dec 22nd. With this charge the saga began dealing with your delivery agent, AIT Worldwide. I did so on December 28th by phone was told to expect a call within 48 hours. No call was ever received. I got another request to confirm my delivery location. On January 4th, I called their Boston office guessing it might be at that terminal and learned from the shipping agent that his location did not have the shipment, there were MANY errors on the order, he thought the table was still enroute from California, and provided a phone number to call because I really needed to speak with their National Accounts group.

The National Accounts group transferred me to Home Delivery who said they would put me on hold and look into the order. After 15 minutes the phone went dead. I called your online customer service group and asked for help. They called AIT and confirmed the table was at the location that would make the delivery, to expect a call shortly, and provided a phone number for my records.

After contacting the phone number I was provided, I learned the table had yet to be delivered to them. I contacted your online people several times today to ask for a call from a supervisor to seek assistance but was told not to expect a call for several days. Neither I nor your organization have been able to get honest answers from AIT Worldwide which I hope raises the question of why you should continue to do business with them.

I was told by your online group that I would first have to WAIT until AIT representatives finally contacted me, refuse the shipment, and then request to be reimbursed.

Fortunately, I paid through American Express and can refuse payment for non-delivery through them. Report this link as dead Pylon1.

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