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Krupp; Rheinmetall; Spandau - Germany. This is a towed artillery piece. The system was fielded foremost with the German Army in World War 1 then under the banner of the German Empire and survived to serve in Hitler's army decades later. Design of the system began in by the German firm Krupp and the weapon was fielded from through with manufacturing handled by the combined efforts of Krupp, Rheinmetall and Spandau.

Some 3, examples are thought to have been produced in all. The further designation of lg. Initial sFH 13 production versions suffered from a fragile recoil system that tended to break from the violent forces inherent in the firing operation, this related to a weak internal spring system.

A revised version appeared based on a pressurized air system that added some weight but did little to detract from the required operation. Once in practice, the sFH 13 was initially prone to exploding barrels early in their service lives which could kill the crew in the process. This resulted in the series being fitted with a longer barrel as well as some revision to the internal workings. With the modifications in place, the sFH 13 went on to prove a major asset to the actions of the German Army, particular in , when her main adversaries - the British and the French - held little in the way of matching such a powerful artillery piece.

These gun systems were towed into place by whatever means were available pack animal, car, tractor, etc The design was typified by its multi-spoked metal wheels straddling the gun mount. This billet wheel has the following benefits CNC machined from solid billet aluminum for durability. Faster spool because simply because it I do not know the history, but it appears to be either new or rebuilt. There is very light exhaust soot on the turbo.

Spins freely, no noise, no play. We will check it for you. This is a new and unused Schwitzer Borg Warner Turbo. Schwitzer 3LM other numbers 6N, 4N Borg Warner S Turbos We are your one stop source for all your turbo and diesel fuel injection needs.

Bought these in hopes to do projects with and never got around to it. The boxes have only been opened to get the serial numbers and packed back up.